Casino Option Might Have To Involve Give And Take In Massachusetts

In the state of Massachusetts Governor Duval Patrick has made no qualms about what he planned to do when he was elected. He is a major proponents of casino gambling and had full intentions of legalizing casinos in the state.

Enter former House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi. DiMasi was strongly opposed to allowing casino gambling in Massachusetts and he helped have a proposal from Patrick squashed last year regarding the issue. Now he is out of office.

It would seem as though that would make things easier for Patrick, and it very well could. There is still going to have to be some compromise on the part of the governor, however, with new Speaker Robert DeLeo.

It is not that DeLeo is against casino gambling in the state, but he does have an agenda when the issue is discussed. “I represent two racetracks in my district, so I want to make that very clear. As I told the governor, if he’ll listen to some of my ideas relative to what we can do with racetracks, I’ll be open to listening to some of his ideas relative to casinos,” DeLeo told Jim Braude on News Night Thursday.

That basically leaves the governor to have to compromise in order for all parties to happy and for anything new to be done with gambling laws in the state. The governor has not been keen to the idea of casinos within the racetracks, so it still make take some convincing.

Whatever the outcome is, and the prevailing thought is that it will be legalized casino gambling for both the racetracks and casino resorts, it will take time, and also something politicians are not used to engaging in, compromise.

Casino Expansion Coming To A Close In Macau

Macau has become the gambling capital of the world. It has surpassed Las Vegas, and most recently, doubled Sin City in revenue.

The government, however, has said that there will be no further expansion of casino gambling in the area. They have put a freeze on issuing any future casino licenses.

They also have decided that they will not be allowing any of their current casinos to expand. For the casino owners, that means no more slot machines or additional tables games.

“We’re now at a stage to review and estimate the development of the industry. We decided not to issue any new casino concessions, including casino sub-concessions,” said Edmund Ho, to lawmakers.

The news that no more expansion would be taking place was bittersweet to current casino owners. They may be upset that they will not be able to expand their own casinos, but they are also happy that no new licenses will be issued.


Internet Gambling Bill Once Again Focus Of House Members

Representative Barney Frank has been outspoken in his efforts to make changes to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. He believes the way to deal with Internet gambling is to regulate the industry.

His latest move was to introduce legislation that would stop the federal government from imposing regulations on financial institutions. In the regulations, the financial institutions would have to police themselves when dealing with online gambling.

Frank, along with Representatives Peter King of New York, and Luis Gutierrez from Illinois, have sent a letter to members of Congress, expressing their views, and seeking support.

“Given the many other priorities that are pending at your agencies…we believe it would be imprudent for you to devote additional agency resources to this Sisyphean task,” the group wrote in letters to members of the Federal Reserve and Treasury.

They also advised that creating regulations for the Bill would be a waste of time, since their are Bills being proposed that would regulate online gambling, thus making the UIGEA obsolete.

In recent hearings on the UIGEA, many experts testified that it would put a heavy burden on financial institutions if they had to police themselves. Members of the American Bankers Association, Financial Services Roundtable, Wells Fargo, and the Credit Union National Association were some of the groups that testified at the hearing.

Casino Bill Approved by House Committee in Kentucky

New Governor of Kentucky Steve Beshear has not been shy in his bid to bring legalized casino gambling to the state. he even has received criticism that some big people in the casino industry spent a lot of money lobbying for him in before the past election.

Now it appears that Beshear is on his way to realizing his goal of having casino gambling become prevalent in Kentucky. On Wednesday afternoon the state House Committee voted 7-2 in favor of allowing a Bill that would bring up to nine new casinos to the state.

The Governors original proposal had guaranteed a certain number of casinos to horse racing tracks, but the vote today did not include a specific number. Beshear still claims getting the tracks casinos is a priority.

“I am aware of the concerns that Kentucky’s signature industry, the horse industry, has about this version of the amendment, and I plan to continue meeting with House leadership to find a way to address those concerns,” Beshear said in a statement.

The vote today was just one of the steps that needed to be taken for casino expansion to become a reality. The full House will now take the Bill into consideration. The Senate would also have to approve the Bill. Once all those steps are completed, it would then be turned over to voters in Kentucky.

Cash Prize Slot Machine Gambling Coming To An End in Ohio

There has been much legal battle in the state of Ohio in the past year after it has been found that games of skill were exempt from anti gambling laws, now all the legal battling will come to an end as Governor Ted Strickland has signed legislation to make all machines that pay out money illegal.

Several slot parlor owners had found loopholes in previous laws, claiming the machines they had in their establishments were games of skill and not chance, and that has allowed them to stay open.

Now, these parlors will have no choice but to shut down after the new laws say that any machine that gives a cash payout will be considered illegal.

One parlor, Spin-To-Walk, in Norwalk, has been one of the spots that people were going to enjoy popular slot games, but even while they were legal, they still received hassle from the police.

Owner David Pugh said that he has been receiving citations nearly every day since August. He is now suing the city in Federal Court claiming that the city is discriminating against his business, and although he might win the suit from damages from the past, it does not appear that his place of business will survive this latest attempt by government to stop the gambling.

House Bill 77, which was signed today, will make any gaming machine that features cash prizes illegal in the state.

Poker Players Offered Deals After Arrests in May

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63 people were arrested back on May 31st by police in a raid that spanned three clubs, Shooters Billiards, Bari Club, and Barca Club, now, some of those people are getting the opportunity to plea out their cases and avoid jail time.

Of the 63 people arrested, six of them were charged with the serious crime of keeping a common gaming house, but the rest of the people were charged with only being found in a gaming house, which is a much less serious crime.

Now those people have been given three options, they can fight the charges and take their chances if they are found guilty, they can take a positive lifestyles course from the Salvation Army and have their charges stayed, or they can plea guilty and possibly have the judge issue a discharge.

The dealers and operators of the game were not offered the deal, and some of the people that were vowed that they would not take the deal, and that they would fight the charges because they believe they were innocent.

The people are expected by the Crown that they would like decisions made sometime in the next few weeks, meanwhile, all of the people accused are set to be back in court on December 3rd.