Casino Option Might Have To Involve Give And Take In Massachusetts

In the state of Massachusetts Governor Duval Patrick has made no qualms about what he planned to do when he was elected. He is a major proponents of casino gambling and had full intentions of legalizing casinos in the state.

Enter former House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi. DiMasi was strongly opposed to allowing casino gambling in Massachusetts and he helped have a proposal from Patrick squashed last year regarding the issue. Now he is out of office.

It would seem as though that would make things easier for Patrick, and it very well could. There is still going to have to be some compromise on the part of the governor, however, with new Speaker Robert DeLeo.

It is not that DeLeo is against casino gambling in the state, but he does have an agenda when the issue is discussed. “I represent two racetracks in my district, so I want to make that very clear. As I told the governor, if he’ll listen to some of my ideas relative to what we can do with racetracks, I’ll be open to listening to some of his ideas relative to casinos,” DeLeo told Jim Braude on News Night Thursday.

That basically leaves the governor to have to compromise in order for all parties to happy and for anything new to be done with gambling laws in the state. The governor has not been keen to the idea of casinos within the racetracks, so it still make take some convincing.

Whatever the outcome is, and the prevailing thought is that it will be legalized casino gambling for both the racetracks and casino resorts, it will take time, and also something politicians are not used to engaging in, compromise.